Council Governance

  •  Making council business more transparent and accessible - We will make council business of the council more accessible to residents and reform the Council's constitution to ensure more decisions come before elected representatives and are not made by council employees. We will also publicly publish attendance figures for Councillors at council meetings and committees quarterly so you can batter hold your Councillors to account.


  • Bring back the establishment of an Investigatory and Disciplinary Committee for Senior Officers to another vote - The Peoples Independent Party and the Canvey Island Independent party prevented the establishment of cross-party disciplinary, investigation and appeals committees for Senior Council Officers by voting in block against it and pledging to boycott the committees at a council meeting in November. We believe it is right that complaints against senior officers should be heard and decided by members and that it should be done in a fair and transparent way. We believe this was fundamentally undemocratic and that elected officials should have a fair and transparent mechanism to hold Senior Officers to account. We will bring the establishment of the committees back to a vote of the full council as soon as possible and seek the support of individual independent councillors rather than their party leadership.