Canvey Road Improvements

After a great deal of lobbying I am very pleased that Essex County Council have now published plans to alleviate congestion around Waterside Farm!

Yesterday I met with Essex County Council Leader David Finch, the Councillor in charge of Highways, Rodney Bass, and Canvey Councillor Ray Howard to look over the plan.

The plan includes putting a new lane into Somnes Avenue and options to either widen Canvey Way to a dual carriage way, or put in an extra lane that will act as a 'tidal flow lane' for rush hour traffic.

Canvey Way is a very important entrance and exit to our borough. When there is a jam at Waterside Farm it can snarl up traffic across the whole of Castle Point. I am still dedicated to getting a third road for Canvey but both of these main options would be a good stop gap that will alleviate congestion for residents.

This is still just a plan and there is a lot of work still to be done, but I know how important this is to my borough and I will keep on working to ensure Essex County Council deliver one of these options until the last inch of tarmac is laid!

I will be talking to the Chancellor about supporting Essex County Council with funding for these improvements so that work can start on Somnes Avenue as soon as possible.