Conservative Future

On a bright, crisp Sunday morning most youngsters would choose duvet over civic duty but Castle Point MP, Rebecca Harris’ contingent of Conservative Future volunteers braved the chill to improve the appearance of a Thundersley Village sign.

The dreadful weather had left the sign a little crestfallen and in need of a thorough clean to make sure that visitors to the area experience a positive first impression of the Village.

The group led by Conservative Association Chairman, Colin MacLean and St Marys Ward Councillor, Andrew Sheldon were joined by youngsters Mark, Liz and Jessica.

Colin MacLean said “Forget the negativity which is often apportioned to the young within Society, there are plenty of good kids out there who genuinely care about the community in which they live. If organisations like the Conservative Party can help to harness that enthusiasm through schemes like Conservative Future then our Borough will be richer for our involvement.”

“The Future group is open to everyone aged 24 or under and is as much about socialising, making new friends and community social action projects as it is about Politics. I hope that others who may be interested in getting involved will come along to our next meeting.”

Further details are available by calling Castle Point Conservative Association on 01268 792992.