County councillor Ray Howard victorious in fight for more funding for Canvey flood defences


Canvey Island West County Councillor Ray Howard has managed to secure a 2.7% increase in flood defence funding for East Anglia including Canvey Island.

Ray secured the extra funding after giving a presentation at the budget meeting of the East Anglia Flood Defence and Costal Committee, which is responsible for over 1,000 miles of coastline flood defences, on Friday (18th January 2013).

Speaking on achieving the increase Ray said:

“I have said many times that we have the best flood defences in the whole country on Canvey Island and indeed last year they were declared fit for another fifty seven. This increase of 2.7% will mean that those defences will be maintained at the highest possible standard.

It was 60 years ago this month that the island was devastated in the great 1953 floods and I know many islanders still remember those terrifying few days very vividly.

I have always seen it as my duty to fight for the best flood defences possible for our island and I am glad that the committee supported my proposal for this increase.”