Mr Pings fundraiser

Castle Point Conservative Association members enjoyed a great night out at Mr Pings in Benfleet.

Meeting Chas Mumford......

Our candidate for the Canvey Island South Ward in the Castle Point Council Brough elections will be Chas Mumford. Here is an opportunity to find out a little more about Chas and his background.

Route 24 Bus Update

Conservative Councillors are united in opposing the curtailment of the Route 24 bus.

Essex YMP gets a taste of life in Westminster

Michaella Philpot a 17 year old United Kingdom Youth Parliament Member, and member of the Young Essex Assembly, has been shadowing her local MP Rebecca Harris learning what life is like sitting on the green benches.

Sort out these pot holes.....

Although the heavy snowfall is a distant memory the Island is still littered with pot holes that have not been repaired.Concerned Islanders, Pat Haunts & Chas Mumford  inspected some at the junction of Point Road and Southfalls Road.

No bias at fire meeting…..

I read the ludicrous claim made by Dave Blackwell that he was “deliberately ignored from speaking” at the meeting about the fire cuts on Canvey.