Association Officers

Castle Point Conservative Association is a modern forward-looking Association of like-minded people from all walks of life rich, poor, young or old. We are people like you with a common belief that Conservatives are the right people to run our Country.
The Association has an elected Management Committee, which looks after the administration of functions such as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Selection, Campaigning and Constituency events
The Association officers are

Chairman                                                                            Chas Mumford

President                                                                            Vera Partridge  

Deputy Chairman  Membership/Finance                                  Jeffrey Stanley

Deputy Chairman Political                                                     Colin MacLean

Vice Chairman Fundraising                                                   Bill Sharp

Vice Chairman Membership                                                  Bill Dick   

Vice Chairman Communications                                            Pat Haunts

To find out how to join our association please contact us by emailing or telephoning 01268 792992. We look forward to hearing from you.