The local plan and future development in our Borough

  • Look at alternatives to the local plan - No Conservative Councillor proposed the adoption of the Local Plan and no Conservative Councillor voted for it when it came before the Council in March. We will work to make alternatives like the Blinking Owl Site by the A127 viable to ensure our local housing need is met whilst preserving the Green Belt sites residents value. We will not support any party bringing back the plan to the Council unaltered!
  • Implement the Community Infrastructure levy despite independent opposition - We believe that when anyone wants to build a new building in our borough should pay an upfront charge to pay for improvements to local infrastructure, that must be payable before the building has been completed. The Conservative Council has submitted a fair plan based on solid evidence to the Government to do just that, despite opposition from both the People's Independent Party and the Canvey Island Independent Party. We are hoping to hear back from the Government in the early Autumn and will look to put the new Castle Point Community Infrastructure Levy in place as soon as possible.
  • Standing condition of planning applications that applicants are responsible for grass verges and maintenance of footpaths outside of properties during the duration of building work - We will introduce a new standing condition for any approved planning application that requires the applicant to maintain the grass verge and footpath on the frontage of properties where building work is taking place.