Responsible spending, protecting front line services


  • No inflation-busting council tax rises - We pledge not to increase the borough council's council tax precept by more than 2.9% or the rate of retail price inflation, whichever is lowest, for the next financial year. The Canvey Island Independent Party run Canvey Island Town Council increased their council tax precept by over 4% for this financial year. Another reason not to let a Canvey Island Independent dominated independent coalition not to run be in charge of setting your council tax next year!
  • Protect front-line services - Councils across the country are facing reduced budgets and rising costs. We will work with other councils to cut costs and share back-office services to ensure there is no compromise in the quality of the front-line services we rely on every day. We will also work to transform and improve revenue generation from the Council's commercial assets and to secure more grants from the Government and other sources for specific projects.  Services like bin collection, council housing, leisure and environmental health will be protected under the Conservatives.
  • Keep the Council's books balanced - Since the Conservatives took over the Council we have presented a balanced council budget every year despite constant decreases in funding. This year independents have proposed millions in spending on Canvey Island without saying how they will pay for it. Neither of the Independent parties have pledged to protect front-line services and want to spend your hard-earned taxpayers money on vanity projects like looking into the feasibility of building a lido by the graveyard at Woodside. With every council facing increasing costs, it is more important than ever to balance the books and prioritise frontline services.