£3 Million increase in public health spending for Essex

Essex is due to receive a £2,865,000 extra funding for public health projects in the next two years the Health Secretary Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP has announced.

The money, which will be administered by Essex County Council, will be spent on local projects aimed at preventing illness in the Borough by tackling issues such as alcohol abuse, obesity and extending vaccination programs.

Commenting on the increase local MP Rebecca Harris said “I am very pleased with this increase. Prevention is always the best cure. Not only would tackling preventable illness lead to a healthier borough but it would also decrease local GP waiting times and the number of people being admitted to hospital. Those are big benefits for local people.”

County Councillor for Hadleigh Jill Reeves, who is also Vice Chairman of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee at Essex County Council said:

“I am sure this money will go on to make a very big difference locally and Essex County Council are dedicated to getting the most out of it for local residents. Money that is spent dealing with alcohol abuse or providing more support for people to live healthier lifestyles saves more money down the line by stopping people from getting ill and needing hospital treatment.”

County Councillor for Canvey Island West Ray Howard who is also a member of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee said:

“This is great news for the people of Castle Point. This money could be spent on a whole range of things to improve public health for local residents.The County Council run a good flu vaccination program and I hope for example that part of this extra money could be used so more people can get the jab and avoid having to suffer from it in Winter.”

“And we could build on our sporting legacy from the Olympics and support local sports clubs that help people live healthier lives.”